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Flavio Barbiero has a multifaceted cultural background. Born in 1942, he began with a humanistic education in religious boarding schools, then a military one at the Italian Naval Academy and finally pursued technical-scientific studies at the University of Pisa, where he graduated in engineering. He spent his professional life working in Naval and NATO research centers. At the same lime, he was also an active member of prestigious cultural Institutions, such as the Center for Prehistoric Research (Valcamonica, Italy). His activities ranged from the development of high technology Defense Systems to scientific co-operations with Universities and cultural Centers. He has also organized scientific expeditions to Antarctica and has participated in archaeological research in Israel Since his retirement in 1998, he has devoted himself entirely to this latter activity. In his literary production, he makes full use of his scientific, technical, humanistic and even military knowledge, moving easily in these different cultural worlds and analyzing each subject. The results are remarkable and always original. In addition to his technical works, he has written several books on a wide range of different subjects. There include: "A Frozen Civilization - Atlantis in Antarctica", a brilliant synthesis of geological, glaciological, archaeological and even mythological information; "The Bible without Secrets" and "A Precise Chronology of the Exodus", where the religious text is analyzed from a strictly historical perspective, with surprising achievements. No less surprising are his discoveries about thefamily ofthe Jewish High Prierts in "The Secret Society of Moses" and the results of his archaeological and historical research in Israel in books such as "Egeria at Har Karkom", ¬ęThe Lost Word" and "The Cave of the Treasure", which are somehow related to Masonic themer. He lives in Italy.

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