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The Egyptian Architects Unveiled

Marco Virginio Fiorini -


For the first time, here is a practical method to build the Great Pyramid and not just the umpteenth theory. The author takes the reader on a tour inside the site of the Pyramid of Khufu to discover the secrets of the Ancient Egyptian architects.
The stages of the construction of the most controversial and famous building in history are revealed step by step, in an easily understandable way.
A thrilling journey back in time, a dive into the amazing technology of an ingenious ancient people, an adventure that will be hard to forget.
Bilingual edition English-French.

ISBN: 978-2-36580-060-0

Booktrailer (in French): click here

Atlantis, n°461, 2e trimestre 2015 (in French): click here

Panorama, 29 September 2014 (in italian): click here

Interview at I Caffè Culturali, August 2014 (in Italian) : click here

Aegyptus, 2010-2014 (book review by Silvio Curto, in italian): click here

Archeomisteri, August-September 2013 (in Italian): click here

Focus, July 2013 (in Italian): click here

TG Leonardo, RAI 3, 05/04/2013 (in Italian): click here

Release date: 25/04/2013

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